Discover the World of Influence

Masters of Influence enlightens you to the single biggest fundamental thing that stands between you and reaching your goals; your ability to Influence.

Take a moment to consider that; the power of Influence.

Master Trainer David Shephard applies his NLP learning approaches to provide you with knowledge, understanding and techniques that empower your ability to influence and persuade others.

Your Influence effects and reflects in all aspects of your life from your business, and career, to family and relationships; it is the number one life and leadership skill that once mastered, slings you forward and closer to what you want.

Masters of Influence combines learning with practical application; blending together some of the most powerful models of influence with real-world techniques that can be utilised in one-to-one, one-to-many and online situations.

Your ability to influence is your most influential tool; make the most of it.

Success Stories

I have just completed Masters Of Influence and I was absolutely blown away with the content and what I have come away with, David is a sensational teacher and only 2 days away from the training I am successfully using the Influence training with my team, my partners and my clients, thanks David!

Ryan Keasey, Channel Director, New Star Networks Ltd

I attended the first ever Masters of Influence and it was so brilliantly presented that I would have never known that it hadn't been done before - everything ran so smoothly that I had assumed they were doing it for years. The weekend was a fun-filled one, something I can rarely say about a course where you are learning so much new content. The information was given to us in such a practical and bitesize way, so that you are able to see the applications of what you are learning on your work and day to day life by the end of the first day, allowing us to ask for help regarding our specific situations. The Cialdini's rules of influence were the best takeaway from the entire course and has had an impact on how I use my language. Thank you both David and Sally for such a great, imaginative course!

Michelle Elman, Body Confidence Coach, Mindset For Life

Of the hundreds of training courses that I have attended, only a very small handful have resulted in a clear and direct transformation for my Business. Masters of Influence is one of them. David combines insightful research delivered in a practical context, with direction on how to apply the principles to create value and sharing with other delegates to broaden perspective. This course unlocks the secrets of high integrity value creation.

Roger Davies, Managing Director, Impact Dynamics Limited

It has been an amazing 3 days, light bulb moments. David has gone into so much detail. There has been such a lot of information. It has been fun. It’s been mind-blowing!

Mary O’Donnell

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Why attend ?

No matter where you are in your life right now, the single biggest thing that stands between you and what you want is your ability to influence and persuade others.

  • In you career it is influence that will get you the job, the promotion or your next pay rise.
  • In business, influence is the difference that make the difference in terms of your financial success. Whether that be in advertising, sales, attracting the right staff, investors or business partners.
  • In your relationships, your ability to influence is what will get you the partners of your dreams and keep them in a loving relationship with you.
  • In your family, your influencing skills are how you empower your loved ones.

When you think about it, influence is probably the number one life and leadership skill, yet we are not taught it at school. Many of the world’s most successful people were not great at school but what they where able to do, was and is influence!